In the global marketplace, the most successful organisations are recognising the competitive edge that comes with staff speaking foreign languages.

The benefits range from securing better suppliers to expanding your market through to simply having the best people in the right jobs and much more besides.

Here at VICI Language Dynamics, we help businesses realise that competitive edge with a range of service including supporting in-house recruitment through to the provision of language training.

Online Coaching

How relevant are writing emails in English, preparing meetings, be competent on the phone? Interactive modules of 15 minutes, self-training with or without the support of a coach…

Language Training

As English is a global language it is natural to question if language training is truly important, however… it is! Even if only to ensure all staff can speak English to a suitably high standard.

Language Recruitment

Recruiting the right staff is essential to any business, but how do you know if the candidate has the right level of language skill you need for the position available. Let us help you decide.


We can help you find the right person and qualify they speak the relevant languages to the standard you require and provide comprehensive and effective training if they do not.

Our Clients

“Having worked in an EMEA role for many years, I have always envied colleagues who were multi-lingual. Working with VICI has allowed me to start the process of learning a new language. Something that I believe is essential to my future career development. VICI provides flexible learning options at times to suit me and I would thoroughly recommend their services to other businesses and individuals.”

Mark Fullbrook

Director UK & Ireland, Cyber Ark Software

Don’t just take our word on the importance of languages to business; in November 2013 in a hard hitting report The British Council stressed that 70% of the world does not speak English, three-quarters of the UK population does not speak a foreign language well enough to hold a conversation and ‘Languages for the Future’ urged businesses to teach their staff foreign languages. That report also listed the top 10 foreign languages that the UK should be learning to gain a competitive edge and all 10 are offered by VICI Language Dynamics.


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We can help you.

Contact us today for more information or discover more on this website, including case studies and a regularly updated and popular blog. Whatever you do, recognise the importance of foreign languages to your business and do something about it today.

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