Mind your Language

A language column by Phil Gowler, Head Coach at Vici

The day I nearly walked out of the Opticians

The day I nearly walked out of the Opticians, a true story direct from my own experience:I went to an optician a while back to get some glasses, while I was trying on my new glasses, the optician (from Poland) looked at me and said:‘You know, if your skin...

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I’m going doolally tap!

English is full of amazing expressions. Here is just one of thousands: ‘I’m going doolally tap’ (I’m going mad). Where on earth did this come from?

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When you can’t see.. is your hearing good enough?

When we study communication skills, one thing we learn early on is that telephones distort our voice slightly, and more importantly, using a telephone means that the caller and receiver cannot see their body language and expressions.We are told that body...

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You got a great degree so why are you failing?

Just imagine this:You are 21, you have got a good degree at university and you are looking at your future.You are thinking that while you are young and have no ties you could go anywhere in the world and get some great experience. After all, this is the...

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“Dear Phil, 

Our coaching session helped me to feel more confident during my work presentations. I don’t panic anymore, I don’t feel nervous and I am able to control the situation.

I would like to have some more language coaching sessions with you to help me, as you know, when I talk on the phone.

I totally recommend VICI!

Veronica Mancha


Phil Gowler

Phil Gowler

Head Coach

Phil is currently Head Coach of the EFL section in VLD. He is enthusiastic about learning, fascinated by language and enthralled by the power of words. He spent over 30 years in the corporate world, most of that time in Learning and Development and HR, so he is passionate about helping people develop their full potential.

Phil is also a trained therapist, which is really helpful because he assists students overcome their fears about using a foreign language. He does all of this with a smile, and with the flexibility to design a learning programme specific to the needs of each student.

With Phil, you are in very safe hands.

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