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Hiring new employees can feel like a bit of a minefield in any business. But when you’re hiring for a position that requires fluency in a foreign language, it can feel almost impossible.

 How do you know if the candidate actually speaks the language they claim on their CV?
✓ Or if they can speak it to a high enough standard for your business needs?
✓ If you’re hiring foreign staff, is their business English up to scratch, or will it cause some confusion for your customers?

At Vici, we partner with businesses who employ foreign staff, or need to employ foreign language speakers, and help them select the right candidate with the right skills, every time.

Our language recruitment services come in 2 forms, language testing and language interviews.

Language Testing

Once you have hired a new staff member, or are interviewing for a position, you may want to know what level their English or foreign language skills are at the moment. For many jobs, being able to speak English to a certain standard is crucial, so you need to be confident that your new hire will be able to cope.

To help you establish this, Vici can conduct language testing and assessments at the recruitment stages, ensuring you only choose candidates with the right skills to move forward.

Vici will conduct a range of testing, including written, spoken and conversational language skills, and provide you with a detailed written and oral report on the candidate.

This means you can be confident that your final selection will have the necessary language skills to excel in their new role, minimising turnover and maximising your investment.

Language Interviews

Sometimes, individual testing doesn’t quite give the whole picture. Many businesses who are hiring foreign staff, or hiring for foreign speaking roles, are now choosing to have a language expert present in the interviews themselves.

This means that one of Vici’s language consultants will sit in on the whole interview process and assess the language capabilities of each candidate.

This means they will be able to ask questions during the interview, including specific examples, and not only test the written and spoken elements of language, but their listening, spoken production and spoken interaction skills as well. All of our language interview testing is based on the European frameworks for languages to cover the basics, with extra elements added to suit the specific needs of your business. This allows you to be dynamic and professional while you seek out the best possible talent for your new roles.


“Naturally at VICI Language Dynamics we are talented linguists, however in addition we have our own HR people on the team so our consideration when working with candidates goes beyond determining if they speak the language.

We are able to take into consideration a candidate’s suitability for your organisation across a wide range of factors.”

“Choosing the right employee is always a challenge and when you add language as a factor it pays to use professionals to ensure you make the right choice.”

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Test & Assess

from £45

This is just one way VICI Language Dynamics can help you choose the right candidates with our Test and Assess service where native speakers of the language you need can use a variety of methods to consider if candidates are at a sufficient standard both in written and spoken terms.

Test, Assess & Interview

from £287

If the role is more strategic or there are management or health and safety considerations you may wish us to interview the candidates in addition to Test and Assess. Interviews will always be with native speakers and can focus on ensuring the level of understanding required for the role.

Test, Assess, Interview & Training

from £1387

It may be if you do not require a native speaker or someone very accomplished in a second or third language that any shortfall identified in the Test, Assess and Interview can be remedied through training specific to your requirements. We have standardised but also tailored programmes to suit your needs.

We Can Help

At Vici, we believe that language is at the heart of effective communication, so we are here to help you get it right. For more information on any of our services, or to find out why learning a foreign language is so important to your business, all you have to do is get in touch. 

And remember – the key isn’t always knowing what to do – it’s getting up and actually doing it.