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 John Vickerage

“My job changed a little in April last year, so my role now is to look after Northern Europe. Part of that is the DACH region, so Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and most of my time travelling now is spent in Germany.

So what I wanted to do was learn a bit more about the German language. Mostly you know to get by. To ask for things in shops or get a taxi, you know, and just ask for things the right way.”

James Mitchell

“I used to speak French, I spent some time at University in France and spent some time living there as a younger man. During my career I have been in and out of Europe. I took over responsibility of the French business last year in the General Manager role; in that job it was important I could speak the local language again.”

David Barker

“Aquila is a British company with a division in South West Paris which is why we need to speak French and already I’m using the odd sentence here and there and I’m writing a few basic emails to set up business meetings and asking people how they are.

Of course any serious business is still in English for the time being. You get a very good response when you do use French and that is one of the reasons we are doing it; staff like that you’ve made the effort.”

Julian Lewis

“What triggered it was really all to do with seeing Jack Canfield and his “Set yourself 100 goals – make them big”.

And one of those on my goal list was to be fluent in French.

So I decided that I wanted to become fluent in French and that was one of my 100 goals, so once I made that decision there was only one place for me to go really, and that’s was VICI.”

Michelle Doyle

“We have recently completed an English training programme for our employees (circa 50) with Vici – the feedback from our employees has been great in terms of the flexible and tailored approach that was adopted to meet each individual need. Nathalie is very responsive and was always quick to respond to any questions and address accordingly.”

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