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Every business produces documents and marketing materials – it’s just a part of the day to day work. From your website and blogs, to direct sales letters, user manuals and even the minutes of your directors meetings, you will use these documents to communicate with dozens, or even hundreds of people.

But what happens when you and your audience don’t speak the same language? When the words you’re using suddenly aren’t the right ones, and you have no idea how to communicate with your customers, your employees, or even the person sitting in front of you?

At Vici Language Dynamics we help bridge that gap and get the words flowing again. Our translation and transcription services are here to help you get your point across in the right way and ensure everyone understands your message, no matter what language they speak.


It might seem simple, but taking a document in one language and producing it another is about more than just knowing which words mean what. It’s about understanding how each language works, and how to convey concepts and ideas effectively in both. At Vici, we are experts not only in running and marketing a business, but in language, which means we’re perfectly placed to translate your business documents for you.

We offer a wide range of translating and interpreting services, including:


Websites & Marketing


Sales letters




Tender documents


Marketing materials


Job specs






Meeting minutes


User manuals

And more. We are able to translate materials into 11 languages, all of which we are expert and fluent speakers. We take a one-size-fits-none approach, instead making sure each transcription meets your business needs, is accurate, and will achieve your goals. With first-hand experience in what business documents should look and sound like, we can ensure your messaging isn’t lost in the language gap.


As people get busier and time becomes more precious, the need to transcribe recorded material into the written word becomes more and more urgent. Whether that’s minutes from a meeting, a particularly interesting conference presentations or dictated notes, sometimes you just can’t write fast enough, and an audio or video recording is your best bet. But you need that audio in text format, and you need it to be 100% accurate. That’s what transcription services can do. There are 3 types of transcription you can choose from:

Verbatim: Word-for-word transcription of everything said – every single word and sound. This is a warts-and-all style of transcription, but is very precise, which means it’s often used in areas where 100% accuracy is essential, like TV, court hearings or important papers.

Edited: Edits transcription still provides everything you hear in the audio, but cleaned up for ease of reading. It’s often referred to as ‘clean transcription’, as it takes out all of the unnecessary repetitions, ‘ums’ and ‘ers’, or false starts that tend to come with human speech.

Intelligent: Intelligent transcription is a bit more involved, and allows for some interpretation from the transcriber. This allows them to make sure your message is conveyed accurately and concisely, not changing what they say, but without necessarily using every single word that’s said in the audio. This style is great for interviews or the meetings.

When you stop to think about it, there are a lot of different applications for transcription within your business. A few of the transcription projects we’ve worked on recently include:


Getting speeches at conferences down, word-for-word


Written records of interviews for later use


Recording details from market research and focus groups


Getting the details exactly right from your meetings and minutes


Creating subtitles for your videos


Recordings from presentation


Getting written results for consumer behaviour surveys


Transcription is also a great option to make audio-only programs, like podcasts and radio shows, more accessible for deaf or hard of hearing viewers, widening your market.


“Spending the last 20 years running and marketing a language business and opening an office in another country, means that we are now excellently equipped to help others grow internationally; translation and transcription are often the first steps in that process.”

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