This is something we hear all the time.

And do you know what?

We agree!

Nothing can replace speaking a language with a real human being – especially if that person is a native speaker themselves (as all our VICI Language coaches are).

At VICI we always ensure our language programmes include elements of multi-media learning resources, but face-to-face learning is the backbone of our methodology.

But we’ve noticed many clients make the same comment when we suggest i.vici, our online learning platform.



“I want to learn with an actual person: to be able to talk face to face.”


And we want to make sure everyone knows that learning face to face with a real person is exactly what i.vici is for!

i.vici isn’t a faceless online programme, and we certainly don’t want you to spend hours interacting with a video recording or even an AI character.

In fact, i.vici is really just a window into the classroom!

As a user you simply log on and start your face-to-face coaching session, the same way you would talk to a friend using Skype.

Learning a language with one of our coaches using i.vici as the platform, you benefit from the same one to one attention and get all the same great materials as you would if you were in the classroom.

The only difference is you never have to leave the comfort of your own home (or office, or even hotel room if you’re away!)

We sometimes get feedback from prospective customers that while they’d love to learn another language, they feel unable to for practical reasons: they have too little time or they’re too far away to be able to come to the Academy regularly.

Well, if you have a busy diary or can’t always commit a big slice of your time to i.vici is the perfect answer: you can even alternate lessons in person at the Academy with sessions via i.vici if you want to.

Distance learning platforms like i.vici allow you to study wherever you are, arranging your studies around your work or family life. So when our clients and prospects say…



I’d love to learn a language but I can’t get to a language centre regularly


I have a hectic lifestyle, although I’d love to do something for myself


I really need lots of flexibility


I want the close support of a private professional language coach to succeed

…we say i.vici remote coaching, is the solution!

To find out more, call now on 01635 813273, email or click here.