Very soon you will be able to use Skype to speak to someone who speaks another language and it will translate your words into their language, and vice versa. Amazing isn’t it?

Absolutely and here at the VICI Language Dynamics we are delighted with anything that helps people communicate in our diverse world… However, what about your investment in people? It is motivated happy staff who will truly deliver for an organisation rather than a quick fix technology solution.

Even with the fastest broadband and an excellent Skype connection, how often do you ask someone to repeat what they said – when you are both speaking English? It happens and through a computer algorithm and that surely must get trickier when translating?

If technology could deliver truly effective language learning eBay would not be full of CDs claiming to teach a foreign language in some unfeasibly short time. Nevertheless there is a growing role for translation services and Microsoft’s approach with Skype will be interesting to watch.

We have written before about nuances being lost in the boardroom, where even when there is a good level of comprehension in a mutual language, the nuances, the important cultural aspect of communication. How can you be certain a message is understood unless you would fully understand it in the language you express it?

The truth for any business serious about dealing with a market, or staff where the language is not common is that they will need to invest in people and here at VICI Language Dynamics we do this in two ways:

  • Language Training – we can train your staff to speak the languages you need them too. Whether absolute beginners or an experienced linguist who needs a polish (or Polish) we can help.
  • Language Recruitment – we can help you find the right staff through three different, complimentary approaches:
  1. Our Test and Assess service which can help guaratee they are truly fluent and create the shortlist to make your choice easier.
  2. We can also expand this to Test, Assess and Interview and here our native speakers will join you in the interview to ensure you are getting the fullest picture of your candidates’ abilities.

We appreciate finding precisely the right candidate can be tricky, especially if your organisation uses specialist language. For these we offer Test, Assess, Interview and Training – the complete service where we will help you find the right candidate and provide training to get them to your required standard.

Perhaps one day Google will create a language chip akin to the fabeled Babelfish from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, until then VICI Language Dynamic offers a professional solution to ensure your profits are not lost in translation. (01635 522410)