If you work in an office have you noticed if the cleaners are foreign workers? Or if you have visited a care home recently were the staff from abroad? Did they speak English well enough to understand?

The nature of our economy allows migrant workers to take jobs in this country, indeed often they are jobs – like cleaners and care home nurses and staff – which often cannot be filled by local people and consequently language issues can arise.

Clearly for nurses who may be required to give medicines in a care home a good command of English could be the difference between life and death and being able to follow detailed instructions and explain what they are doing to the residents all rely upon good English.

While cleaners might not be administrating medicines they do need to be able to follow instructions and both care home staff and cleaners need to be conversant with Health and Safety requirements and indeed employers have a statutory responsibility to ensure workers fully understand such requirements.

So how can employers at care homes, or cleaning companies, or at recruitment agencies who source such staff, ensure candidates truly do speak English? Especially when application forms are not necessarily completed by the applicant and even interviews may not be that enlightening.

However, here at VICI Language Dynamics we offer a professional and affordable solution to ensure that wherever your candidates hail from, they will speak English to the standard you and with regards to Health and Safety Legislation, the law requires.

We have bilingual native speakers from the countries where your candidates comes from who can Test and Assess them, speak to them in their own tongue and English to check how competent they are in the spoken language and also in written English too.

Our proven Test and Assess approach has saved a growing number of employers from language challenges and such an achievement only costs £75 (+vat) per candidate – a small price to ensure that your staff can truly communicate in English whether at a care home or emptying your office bins.

Contact VICI Language Dynamics today to explore how we can help you ensure you get the right staff with the right language skills right now.