Just imagine this:

You are 21, you have got a good degree at university and you are looking at your future.

You are thinking that while you are young and have no ties you could go anywhere in the world and get some great experience. After all, this is the time of your life when anything is possible.

So you decide to go to another country, let’s say in Europe. You don’t know much of the language, but you figure that you will learn as you go. You apply for a job and are accepted, so away you go, heart full of excitement for the future.

The staff in your new job are OK, but they can’t pronounce your name very well, so they change it. You don’t know why, but this seems to amuse them all.

You try to pick up the language, but it’s hard going. Tourist language is fine for a holiday, and may even be good enough to get you a job, but it is nowhere near enough to get by at work and on a day to day basis.

You can’t seem to understand anyone on the phone. It’s frustrating and upsetting. You struggle with communication in the office, you seem to use the wrong words so that people either get upset with you or just give up. You can’t even have a decent conversation in the bus on the way home.

You are unhappy, you are making mistakes at work and you know that your days there are numbered.

This is the experience of so many foreign workers in this country. It is not enough to learn the basics of English, you need to be able to converse colloquially and to understand the nuances and complications of the language.

Now suppose that your employer provided you with language classes. Classes where you work one on one with a coach. Classes that are written specifically for you, so that you get the best support possible.

Your confidence grows, your performance at work picks up, you start to make friends and you absolutely love your employer for providing you with this support, because it is making a huge difference to you.

At VICI we provide tailor made English language coaching, each lesson plan is written specifically for each student, so that students get EXACTLY the coaching they need, ensuring that the money you are investing in them is used to maximum efficiency.

Personally, I can’t see the downside to this.

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